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 of dreamers

Setting the Stage

My name is Briana Mitchell, and my story with Teatro Catalina began in 2010 while I was searching for a Summer Internship that would consider a student majoring in Theater and minoring Spanish - not exactly an internship that grows on trees! A mutual friend connected me with Katie Fitzgerald, the founder of Teatro Catalina. I reached out asking if I could intern with her for the summer – and just like that, I was off to Nicaragua! I knew I was in for an adventure, but I had no idea of the impact it would have on my life.


I came back from that first trip to Nicaragua overflowing with excitement, and immediately began organizing an annual Teatro Catalina spring break trip for Santa Clara University students. Each year, I worked with the University and fellow students to lead a week-long trip to Nicaragua where we could share our passion for Theater with Nicaraguan students. After graduation, my love for Nicaragua continued to grow along with my relationship working with and supporting the Teatro Catalina community.


My dream to work full-time with Teatro Catalina took shape during that very first summer internship. Since then, I have been praying, growing, and waiting for the right timing. I’m so excited to say that I finally feel that time has come! Over the 8 years that I have been blessed to work with this community, I have seen God transform both my life, and the lives of Teatro Catalina students. I have seen first-hand the special way this program allows individuals to realize their own potential, all while lifting up the community as a whole.  My dream is to invest back into this community that has brought so much light, hope, and love into my own life.

About Teatro Catalina

Teatro Catalina believes that empowering individuals to dream in all aspects of their lives will change the course of their future with regards to their education, career, family life, and overall view of the world. We also believe that Theatre creates space for dreams, and dreams create hope for the future. Our mission is to make Theatre & the arts accessible to all, and inspire change in our community.


Founded in 2008 by Katie Fitzgerald, Teatro Catalina was inspired by the simple but powerful concept that Theatre, integrated with education, can lead to social change and empowerment. The program came to life with the construction of a stage at the center of a small community outside Chinandega, Nicaragua. Katie began offering Theatre classes on a regular basis and putting on short plays for the community. Today, with the help of Theatre Artists from around the world, Teatro Catalina offers a complete season of full-scale productions for the city of Chinandega, and is working with the Ministry of Education to pilot Chinandega’s first in-school Theatre Education program!



My Role With Teatro Catalina

I truly believe that God uses Teatro Catalina in a powerful way to transform the lives of young people, and my heart is to invest in that vision. I'm currently raising support to be able to spend a season working full-time for Teatro Catalina. My Role will include the following:


  • Using my Theatre Arts degree to build into and train up the local team of Nicaraguan instructors. I’ll do this by leading regular classes and workshops covering topics like Acting Technique, Movement, Voice Technique, and Pedagogy of the Arts. My goal will be to pass on the knowledge and experience, both educational and professional, that I have been blessed with to inspire and empower Teatro Catalina’s team of instructors.


  • Work closely both with the team of Teatro Catalina instructors and the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education to workshop, refine, and implement curriculum that will pilot Nicaragua’s first ever in-school Theatre program. This scalable and accessible curriculum will be specially designed to flourish in the Nicaraguan school system, so that Theatre Education can eventually be made available to students nationwide.


  • Use my professional experience in Digital Marketing to bolster Teatro Catalina’s online presence, and expand our network of supporters. I will work closely with Teatro Catalina’s leadership team to create, execute, and report on quarterly marketing campaigns, including regular opportunities to connect with and expand our donor base.




How You Can Get Involved!

I would love to partner with you as I embark on this journey! Please prayerfully and thoughtfully consider supporting me in one of the following ways:


Become a Financial Supporter!

I am looking for both monthly and one-time financial supporters who can come alongside me to serve Teatro Catalina's community together. Your generosity will cover the costs for food, rent, training, health insurance, and airfare for when I return to the US.  If you would like to partner with me in this way, please click the "Donate Here!" button below. 



Financial Support Needed: $25,000

Currently Raised: $2,139






Prayer Support!

I am looking for a community of people who will commit to praying for me, and Teatro Catalina, throughout this season. Please reach out to me directly for specific ways you can pray if you would like to support me in this way!


Material/Services Support!

Do you have a specific skill, services, or some materials that you could use to support me or Teatro Catalina? Please reach out to me directly, I would love to partner with you!


Questions? Need To Contact Me? Reach Out Below!

Thanks! Briana can't wait to hear from you, and will respond ASAP.

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