that empowering individuals to dream in all aspects of their lives will change the course of their future with regards to their education, career, family life and overall view of the world.


is to make theatre & the arts accessible

and to inspire change in our community.

We do so through

We believe that education is our most powerful tool.

This year we are piloting a theatre program in the primary school of Villa Catalina which means that all students in this community from preschool to sixth grade have access to theatre and arts education throughout the entire school year. 

We are working with the Ministry of Education to ensure that our class is integrated into the school day and our hope is to create a sustainable curriculum that can be transferred to other schools throughout the region.



self reliance


creative thinking


problem solving

self esteem


skills learned

theatre education

self discipline






conversation skills

We believe that our theatre productions cultivate community, social entrepreneurship and an appreciation for the arts. 

Auditions for our large-scale productions are open to anyone throughout the region of Chinandega which brings people together from all different backgrounds. One of our proudest accomplishments is seeing new friendships form with each production and the sense of "family" that is created within our cast and crew members. Currently, we do at least two large-scale productions each year and we also add smaller productions throughout the year.

We charge for tickets (at an accessible price) because it teaches our young artists the value of hard work and also helps to keep our productions sustainable. Through our large-scale productions, we have introduced countless number of people to the magic of theatre for the first time. Our hope is that "going to the theatre" will become a regularly used phrase here in Chinandega and throughout Nicaragua.

Our recent productions:

The Little Prince

Ebenezer's Christmas Carol


We believe that giving back to our community plays an important role in our mission.

We see a need in our community to bring hope to those who are suffering, lonely or marginalized. We want to love people well and use our talents to create joy, laughter, beauty and all things that spread light into this world.


Our goal is to create opportunities for our artists to get involved and help their local community. As we empower our artists to recognize and reach their full potential, our hope that they will do the same with others in their community.

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Theatre creates space for dreams. Dreams create hope for the future. 

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